Last Updated: Oct 22, 2019 02:07PM PDT

AHCA/NCAL Annual Convention housing deposits can be made via wire transfer or check.

Wire Transfer: Please make payments by wire transfer payable to Convention Management Resources, in US Dollars. For all Domestic and International wire transfers, please include an additional $30.00 processing fee to the total invoice amount, and submit a copy of your invoice along with the wire transfer to ensure the deposit is posted to the appropriate reservation.

Check: Please make checks payable to Convention Management Resources in US Dollars, and mail along with a copy of your invoice to:

Convention Management Resources
c/o AHCA/NCAL Housing
425 California Street, Suite 810
San Francisco, CA 94104

The deadline to receive check payments and wire transfers for deposit and/or prepayment for individual reservations is September 13, 2019. After this date, checks and wire transfers will NOT be accepted. Please contact the confirmed hotel directly to arrange for deposit or prepayment after September 30, 2019.